Saturday, July 24, 2010

Litter Box Turf War

I'm laying in bed watching TV and working on a knitting project when I hear a short hiss followed by several longer and louder hisses. I look over and see Maggie sitting in the litter box and Annabelle swatting at her. Since I believe Maggie is trying to use the bathroom in what little privacy I have been able to achieve for my poor kitties in this tiny new space where they are forced to live, I snap at Annabelle sending her to the other side of the bed, her new favorite hiding place since I filled up the space underneath the bed with vacuum bags of winter clothes. I go back to my knitting thinking all is well.

A few minutes later, I hear more hissing. Once again, I look over to find the exact same situation unfolding. De'javu? I wish! Maggie is in the litter with Annabelle swatting at her. AGAIN!! I deduce that Maggie got upset and didn't get the job done earlier and has had to come back, so once again, I run Annabelle off to let Maggie potty in peace. I feel I owe it to her since I moved them to this studio apartment and took any and all privacy away from my poor kitties who are very old and used to a very different lifestyle.

Maggie seems to do her business and get out of the litter box. The minute she gets out, Annabelle comes bounding across the bed and jumps in the box head first sending litter all over the apartment! Once she gets over the shock of her landing she sits there looking around the room to see if anyone has noticed. Maggie has moved to the rug and is smugly looking elsewhere to let Annabelle know that she is completely uninterested and that Annabelle has achieved absolutely nothing with her stunt. Maggie is one cool cat!

Annabelle is the polar opposite of the "cool cat" and is not known for her patience. She very quickly gets bored and surrenders her position as she realizes that Maggie does not care that she now has control of the litter box. She hops out and claims a spot on the bed next to me. I go about my knitting thinking the whole thing is over, then out of the corner of my eye I spot movement. Maggie is getting back into the litter box. She circles around, digs a little, and promptly lays her entire body down in it. She stayed there for the rest of the evening. I guess this round goes to Maggie!

I have since renamed them Rif and Bernardo. I guess there's just not enough turf in this studio apartment for the 3 of us!

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