Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

As most of you reading this know, I have just moved to New York City. I absolutely love it! I have decided to start a blog to write about my life and adventures. I'm going to try my best not to piss anyone off, but I make no promises. Particularly if you are reading this and we have recently, or maybe not so recently been on a date.

I've been in New York now for 6 weeks. In some respects, it feels like I have been here forever. I guess my heart really has been here since my first visit 10 years ago. I truly feel like I have come home.

In other respects, it is a serious adjustment! Finding everything I need is like one big scavenger hunt. Everything is completely different than in Atlanta, or anywhere else for that matter. To get groceries, you may have to go to several different stores to find everything you need, and then you have to carry it all home. On foot! My favorite grocery store is about 15 blocks away. For those unfamiliar with the city, 20 blocks is about 1 mile. Needless to say, I buy most of my groceries at stores I don't like as well because they are closer.

Buying a couch was a feat. Someone said go to Bowery Street. So I went to Bowery street and didn't see a single furniture store, but I now know where to go for supplies if I want to open a restaurant. I think I should have gone the other way off the subway, but by the time I figured it out, I was tired of walking around and needed a nap so I went home. I did finally order a couch from Jennifer Convertibles, which luckily I saw in the suburbs first because it cost $100 dollars more in the city! Seriously, same couch, $100 more in Manhattan than in any other Jennifer Convertibles store. Since I saw it elsewhere first, they honored the lower price, but it wasn't in stock so I was told I would have to wait 5 weeks to get it. It's due to be delivered end of July, first of August.

I am still on a quest for a paper towel holder and curtain rods that are 36-40 inches long. I found a paper towel holder I liked somewhere, but they didn't have the color I wanted in stock. Now I have forgotten where I saw it. Wouldn't you think you could get curtain rods anywhere they sell curtains? I would too. But alas, my search continues.......

Eating out is a challenge too. I know that sounds insane in a place like New York City, but there are so many restaurants with restaurant managers standing on the sidewalk calling to you with foreign accents saying, "Come, check out my menu, stay for dinner!" It's often overwhelming and hard to choose. One night I wanted Chinese food. I pass 2 dozen Chinese restaurants a day, but when really I wanted Chinese, I walked 10 blocks and couldn't find a single Chinese restaurant. How is this possible? I'll tell you how. There is just so much here that it all runs together. I finally started carrying a notebook with me and when I see a place I want to remember, or someone tells me about a place, or I find it on the internet, I pull out my notebook and write down it's location.

I love my neighborhood and know it pretty well now. I live in West Midtown, also known as Hell's Kitchen. My street is also known as "Restaurant Row" and believe me, it lives up to it's name. I know most everything that is within about 3 blocks of my apartment. Although, I do still mix up the blocks a little. Sometimes I tell someone to meet me at a place between 46th and 47th and it's actually between 47th and 48th. I realize that doesn't sound like a big deal, I'm only a few yards off, but here, everything blends in and if you don't know the exact address or block, you won't find it! Did you ever see the episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where the guys, and Regis Filbin, try to find the place where they had the best burger ever? They search the entire city for this hole-in-the-wall burger joint they once stumbled into to no avail. That scenario can totally happen here!

Living in a studio apartment with 2 cats and their litter box is really interesting. I have moved that litter box so many times I am surprised the cats can still find it. Luckily, they can, but I had a guest last week who had to ask where it was. I guess I found the perfect spot! As you know, I love to cook. Unfortunately, my kitchen can barely fit one person, has about 18 square inches of counter space, a very small sink, not a single drawer, and no dishwasher. There is definitely not enough room for my yarn habit, which is the only hobby I brought with me to New York. I gave up stamping, jewelry making, and several other space consuming habits before I left Atlanta, but I'm not giving up my knitting. I'm going to need more shelving! I do love my apartment, though. It's so cute and very cozy. When I finish fixing it up, I'll post some pics.

I've met some nice ladies in a knitting group I found on I knit with them about once a week. I'm slowly making some new friends in town. Several Atlanta friends have also been to the city this summer and called me for lunch or dinner. It's been nice to see familiar faces and old friends. If you come to the city, please call me. I'd love to see you! Even if I haven't seen you in 20 years......

For those wondering about my dating adventures, I will post on that later. As a preview, I've had 2 dates and said NEXT once. The NEXT is a pretty good story.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned........there's more to come!



  1. Joel says Hell's Kitchen is the perfect place to live if you like "Satan Sparkles." Oh and he suggests you get an iphone and use the "Around Me" app for locating the restaurants you are having a hard time remembering where they are!

  2. OK Suzanne - here's a place that you need to check out. It's the Union Square Cafe. Apparently at 5pm each day the bartender cooks and serves up some special spicy warm bar nuts. We've made several different versions of the recipe - and LOVE them. We saw it advertised on the Food Network - Best Thing I Ever Ate - and these nuts made the list.

    Speaking of nuts - it sounds like you are enjoying NYC (insert big smile here!) Glad that the move was the right one. Keep smiling, and thanks for sharing your adventures!

    Pamela Brennen

  3. I'm glad all is well. I can just picture you there! please keep updating your blog so we can live vicariously through you - LOL - diane

  4. For your curtain rod needs, I suggest Bed, Bath & Beyond, either the Chelsea location or the Lincoln Center location. :-)